[Pkg-allegro-maintainers] Bug#382952: messages "Xlib: unexpected async reply" from allegro

Emmanuel Anne manu at absysteme.fr
Mon Aug 14 10:26:16 UTC 2006

Package: liballegro4.2
Version: 2:4.2.0-5
> Allegro gives this message randomly when launching a program using its
> gui features (like raine : http://www.rainemu.com/) :
> Xlib: unexpected async reply
> Well apparently this message is because of Xlib calls made from
> different threads. The errors happens when launching the program, even
> before the X11 window appears, but it doesn't happen all the time (I'd
> say maybe 1 time on 3 launches ? - rather often).
> Once you get this message, the program is frozen, and you have to kill
> it with Ctrl-C.
> The bug DOES NOT happen with allegro-4.2.0 vanilla from
> http://alleg.sf.net/, so it's probably linked to 1 of the debian
> patches (I suspect the one about geting rid of libunshareable.a, but I
> didn't check it).
 Rectification : the problem happens also in allegro-4.2.0 vanilla, I
 was wrong. The easiest way to reproduce it is to run the program from
 gdb, then it happens almost 50% of the time when starting it, it's much
 more rare outside of gdb.

 So forget this report, it's not related to debian, it's related to

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