[Pkg-allegro-maintainers] Bug#710602: rafkill: Please change the build dependency on liballegro4.2-dev

Tobias Hansen thansen at debian.org
Sat Jun 1 09:16:38 UTC 2013

Source: rafkill
Version: 1.2.2-3.3
Severity: normal
Control: block 710595 by -1


this package has a versioned build dependency on liballegro4.2-dev. This
dev package is really the dev package of Allegro 4.4 for some time now
and we plan to rename it to liballegro4-dev to avoid confusion. Please
change the build dependency to an unversioned dependency on
liballegro4-dev. That should work now and after the renaming, see
#710595. If the dependency has to stay versioned, please tell us and do
an upload that changes to a versioned dependency on liballegro4-dev
after we renamed the dev package.

Tobias Hansen

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