[Pkg-amule-devel] Ubuntu bug #486255 aMule

Dominique Ramaekers dominique at ramaekers-stassart.be
Sat Oct 19 04:56:29 UTC 2013


A few days ago I wanted to get myself acquainted with deb-packages,
patches and how to fix bugs. I found the harvest site of Ubuntu. I
decided to select a bug from the 'bitesize' secion and I found this bug:

aMule (standard settings) is storing his shared files in a hidden
folder. For a lot of people this is difficult. I know they can change
the share folder in the settings but that also isn't the first thing
they try. For a lot of people, if they don't find their files, they give
up on the program and look for an alternative...

On the Ubuntu bug report Ruindong wanted to put the shared files in
~/Donwloads. But I don't agree. This way every downloaded file (ex from
the webbrowser) will automatically  be shared...

I also asked around on the aMule forum:

It seems that the code for Mac and Windows has already been changed to
"~/aMule Downloads". But this change wasn't applied to the linux source.

Is it ok that I create the patch for applying this change on the linux

What should I do with the internationalization? On the Ubuntu bug report
Martin Pitt suggest to use xdg or glib... But '~/aMule Downloads' isn't
a standard user folder. Should aMule take care of the translation by
itself without those lib's?


Dominique Ramaekers.

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