[Pkg-audacious-maintainers] suggesting adding a feature

isotran at free.fr isotran at free.fr
Wed Feb 25 14:27:42 UTC 2009


Sorry to bother sending you this message ; I do so in case you know a way to
contact audacious development team, as there is no contact for such a suggestion
on their website and i do not intend to report a bug ;

This is just a suggestion for them adding a feature allowing users to open a
directory and so automaticly load its playable files.
This was a very handy feature in xmms.

So to improve it with audacious, it may be possible to divide it in two :
- directory load (remove all files in use and add all files from a directory to
- directory add (add all files from a directory to the existing files of the
curent playlist) ...

Excuse-me again, I try to send this because this stays the only reason I do
regret xmms player.

Please relay if you may manage to.

Thank you for you maintaining.
Release day of Lenny is a great day :)

Take care.
The best to you.


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