[Pkg-azure-team] Bug#839004: ITP: ruby-timeliness -- Fast date/time parser gem for Ruby

Iain R. Learmonth irl at debian.org
Tue Sep 27 15:21:03 UTC 2016

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: "Iain R. Learmonth" <irl at debian.org>
Control: block 838927 by -1

* Package name    : ruby-timeliness
  Version         : 0.3.8
  Upstream Author : Adam Meehan
* URL             : https://rubygems.org/gems/timeliness
* License         : MIT
  Programming Lang: Ruby
  Description     : Fast date/time parser gem for Ruby

Date/time parser for Ruby with the following features:

 * Extensible with custom formats and tokens.
 * It's pretty fast. Up to 60% faster than Time/Date parse method.
 * Control the parser strictness.
 * Control behaviour of ambiguous date formats (US vs European e.g. mm/dd/yy, dd/mm/yy).
 * I18n support (for months), if I18n gem loaded.
 * Fewer WTFs than Time/Date parse method.

Extracted from the validates_timeliness gem, it has been rewritten cleaner and
much faster. It's most suitable for when you need to control the parsing
behaviour. It's faster than the Time/Date class parse methods, so it has
general appeal.


This is being packaged as a dependency of vagrant-azure.

This will be maintained within the pkg-azure team.

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