Bug#381582: [Pkg-bluetooth-maintainers] Bug#381582: invalid passkey error

Filippo Giunchedi filippo at debian.org
Sun Aug 6 08:22:02 UTC 2006


On Sat, Aug 05, 2006 at 05:11:43PM +0100, Frederik Eaton wrote:
> Package: bluez-utils
> Version: 3.1-3.1
> Severity: normal
> I have an older version (2.19-1) of bluez-utils installed on a
> different computer, and that works perfectly. However, when I tried
> installing it recently on my laptop, I was not able to make a
> connection from the laptop to my mobile phone. When I try to create
> the connection (with "obexftp -b 00:0A:28:52:2B:74 -l"), the mobile
> asks for a passkey. However, when I enter the number contained in the
> files /etc/bluetooth/pin, and /etc/bluetooth/passkeys/default, and
> /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf (the same number is in each file), the phone
> says "Invalid PIN". I don't know what has changed.

please try:

echo -n "yourpin" > /etc/bluetooth/passkeys/default

and then:

/etc/init.d/bluetooth restart

and retry the pairing

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