Bug#378446: [Pkg-bluetooth-maintainers] Bug#378446: bluez-utils: same issue with last version

Thomas Clavier thomas.clavier at free.fr
Sun Aug 6 20:41:30 UTC 2006

Filippo Giunchedi wrote:
> Please see /usr/share/doc/bluez-utils/README.Debian, it is documented there how
> register-passkeys and add-passkeys are supposed to work.

I read it, and ... it's not work. but i don't no why :-(

I test that :

- pin code in /etc/bluetooth/pin
- pin code in /etc/bluetooth/passkeys/default
- echo PIN_CODE | add-passkeys --defaut
- add-passkeys --default /file/to/pin/code
- add-passkeys --default PIN_CODE

with all solutions, i find a add-passkeys in 'ps auxw' and in 
/var/log/daemon i find this :

Aug  3 19:41:51 localhost hcid[8978]: pin_code_request 
Aug  3 19:41:51 localhost hcid[8978]: Calling PasskeyAgent.Request: 
name=:1.25, path=/org/bluez/passkey_agent_8991

but on my phone i have : bad pin do you want to enter a new one ?

in conclusion with this :
keni:~$ apt-cache policy bluez-utils
   Installé : 3.1-2
   Candidat : 3.1-3

that work fine :-(

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