Bug#382771: [Pkg-bluetooth-maintainers] Bug#382771: bluez-utils: please define possible d-bus pin helpers

Hendrik Sattler debian at hendrik-sattler.de
Sun Aug 20 12:19:44 UTC 2006

Am Sonntag 20 August 2006 13:40 schrieb Filippo Giunchedi:
> > Is there any working replacement for an X desktop? Or did you just
> > introduce a bluetooth version that is unusable for X users? (Hint: Yes,
> > you did.)
> right now there isn't a replacement, you are free to provide a patch
> though. note also that bluez-pin is removed from testing.

That would mean that the bluez guys acutally documented those dbus messages 
(did they? If yes, where?).
And that the dbus documentation gets to a usuable state (just naming the 
functions is not a documentation).

The situation is actually sad: bluetooth on the desktop was working fine and 
nice and it all broke close to release (with no obvious gain).
I propose a solution:
Provide a wrapper that can call old pinhelpers and listens to dbus, like
  "bluez-pinhelper-wrap /usr/lib/kdebluetooth/kbluepin"
That would at least bring the previous situation back and provide backward 
compatibility of some kind (the user would have to start the above command).
If that was you intention with passkey-agent: there is no documenation on how 
to actually use it (what is the agent-path? even looking at the source code, 
I do not get what it shall do).

I will file a bug report against kdebluetooth, too.


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