[pkg-boost-devel] Symlinks to libraries

Steve Robbins smr at sumost.ca
Sat Oct 7 07:56:50 UTC 2006


Just going through old mail and found this one that I don't think got  

Quoting Phil Endecott <phil_spxje_endecott at chezphil.org>:

> So I can use "-lboost_thread" on the g++ command line. But it seems
> that other distributions, and users who have installed Boost from
> source, don't get this,

True. The upstream Boost installation only builds libraries that have  
their characteristics "encoded" in the library name. See the "Results"  
section of http://www.boost.org/more/getting_started.html

> and need to link explicitly with
> "-lboost_thread-gcc-mt-1_33_1". How do I generate that string? I can
> probably guess the "gcc" bit, and as it happens my code does need >=
> 1.33, but I don't care whether the user has _0 or _1 or _2.

I don't know how you're supposed to guess that. I expect that Boost's  
answer is to use Boost.Build. But I'm no expert in that, so I suggest  
you check www.boost.org and their website for details.

Sorry for the delayed, non-answer.


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