[pkg-boost-devel] Packaging RC_1_34_0 and/or whole Boost distribution

Domenico Andreoli cavok at debian.org
Mon Jan 22 09:33:41 CET 2007

hi all,

On Sat, Jan 20, 2007 at 04:13:12AM +0800, Dean Michael Berris wrote:
> On 1/19/07, Steve M. Robbins <steve at sumost.ca> wrote:
> >
> >OK.  Despite having packaged boost in the past, I have little actual
> >experience with it.  And no experience with Boost.Build.  While I
> >can't speak for the other boost maintainers, your explanation has gone
> >right over my head.  ;-)
> >
> Oh, okay. :D

and over my head too :)

> One that comes to mind is to have the build Jamfiles of the Boost
> libraries (or at least those that require building) be installed along
> with the headers in the -dev packages. Putting them in a location like
> /usr/share/boost-build/libs/ should be alright, having a Jamfile.v2 in
> /usr/share/boost-build/ which aliases to the appropriate targets in
> the appropriate libraries -- the postinst and postrm scripts can then
> adjust the Jamfile accordingly once the -dev packages are installed
> and removed respectively.
> I'll try out this approach, and detail my experience. :)

that's great. debian boost team needs right some bjam/boost-build
expertise ;)

> >What you propose is certainly possible.  My suggestion is that you
> >write up a wishlist bug and argue the case there.
> >
> This certainly sounds like a good idea. Though I won't argue with the
> initial decision, what I'm worried about now is that with the current
> trend of development in Boost libraries, inter-dependence between the
> newer libraries and the sheer number of new libraries being accepted
> and made part of Boost, it's going to be pretty hard to maintain
> separate packages for each.
> Although some of the newer libraries are header-only libraries, this
> shouldn't be too much of a worry. But for libraries where binaries
> should be built (filesystem, serialization, thread, etc.) and have
> funky names with compiler and flags information, a better way of
> referring to them in Boost.Build -dependent projects would be very
> much appreciated.
> So I think the question now is, to which package should I file the bug? :D

feel free to checkout from svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-boost/boost/trunk,
start anonymously. i'll provide you writing permissions as soon as required.


ps: of course, the wishlist bug +patch is welcome anyway :)

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