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Head of World bank Deligates jerryedward01 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 19 05:19:34 UTC 2007


This is to notify you and in the case of numerous foreign contractors and next of kin owed by the Federal Government of Nigeria from various parastatals that, there have been a Geneva Pact signed by the government of Nigeria, and the World Bank in relationship with the united nations as it relates to long overdue payment of foreign contractors on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Apparently, investigations carried out by our team has confirmed that most beneficiaries are being asked to pay certain irrelevant charges by the Apex Bank (Central Bank of Nigeria) and other government financial institutions, therefore making it very difficult for contractor to meet such obligations which is contrary to Section “37” Subsection “C” of the Article XII of Banks and other financial decree of 1995 as amended in 1998.  
In view of this, the Governing Board of the united nations has directed  us to shift base to Nigeria to scrutinize and oversee an immediate release of such payments that has met the requirements for effectiveness without any further delay.  Any beneficiary certified “OK” will receive his / her fund within five (5) working days from the date of the final authentication of his / her contractual date. It is also interesting to inform you that in order to carry out deductions on your bills as regards Cost of Transfers (COT), Security Deposit (SD) and other taxable charges, you will be requested to obtain the Debit form M104 from this authority so as to empower this board to carry out such deduction from the total contract sum before final remittance which you have to pay for the deduction certificate  as mandatory while no other payment will be required from you, this applies if your payment are satisfied to be in line with the rules and regulations of international contract agreement. 
Furthermore, certification and unconditional payment release orders has been invested on this board and it involves payment from our statutory foreign reserves of international capital markets (ICM) loan from (IMF) and the World Bank respectively.  It is of vital international financial interest that all payments under this dispensation has been bestowed on us for immediate settlements.
You are advised to reconfirm to this office all previuse payment recently made to  Nigerian, London,or to Ameriacan , European country if any. This is as a result of some irregularities observed during our investigation in relation with foreign payment. Your response will determind the next line of action in your favour. Some officicers have been atlarge while some are in the police net for extorting money from most contractors,while further investion goes on.
You are hereby finally advised to stop all further communications with any agents, group of people or any government bodies in respect of your payment.    
Please reconfirm to this office your dirrect cell phone number,because it is very important . contact us for detailed information,and call me as you go through. 23480 2 2280451

 Expecting your prompt response.

Jerry Edward Murray
Head of World bank Deligates

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