[pkg-boost-devel] Missing libboost_python-gcc41-1_34_1.so.1.34.1 in lenny

Dominic Hargreaves dom at earth.li
Tue Apr 22 23:18:01 UTC 2008

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My package python-mapnik contains a python extension which links against
the Boost python bindings. When compiled, it linked against
libboost_python-gcc41-1_34_1.so.1.34.1 and shlibdeps gave it an
unversioned Depends: on libboost-python1.34.1. However, at some point
recently, and update to libboost-python1.34.1 has removed this
particular library, rendering python-mapnik unusable in testing.

Now, as far as I can tell, this is a bug in the Boost library, but I
wanted to have a second opinion before reporting this. Even if I did
report it as a bug, it would be fairly academic, as a newer version of
mapnik is stalled pending another transition, which works, so there
probably isn't anything we can do to fix the issue in testing at this
stage. However it would be good to avoid this happening in the future;
I suppose this needs to happen by the boost build system not ever
removing a flavour of a library without changing the package name.

Is my analysis correct or have I missed something obvious?


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