[pkg-boost-devel] Question about multiple boost packaging

Steve M. Robbins steve at sumost.ca
Sat Aug 16 21:19:59 UTC 2008

Hello Deng Xiyue,

Thanks for your kind words.  

On Sun, Aug 17, 2008 at 02:18:29AM +0800, Deng Xiyue wrote:

> On the other hand, it will also let the rdepends of Boost less
> active in upgrading to new version, which may make it hard to drop older
> versions and, in the worst case, different packages might depends on
> different versions of Boost, which is like the same problem as Berkeley
> DB packages in Debian.  As Boost releases are going to happen on a
> regular basis, it'll be likely and unfortunate if that happens, so it'd
> better to take action to prevent that from happening.
> Is there any plan on this issue?

We haven't discussed any concrete plan to remove old versions.
However, Debian already has 2 versions of Boost and I'm currently
packaging the newly-released 1.36.0.  That will make three versions,
which is probably 1 too many.

So the issue is on my mind.  I expect this is a task to begin
immediately post-Lenny.

At first thought, I like like your idea of a default package.
It's not clear to me, though, who is going to do the testing
for all packages that build-depend on boost-default.

Boost team: your thoughts?


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