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Ntity of valuables, "he gave to the church _two Bibles_, one of which
was written in France," with about twenty other volumes. In the war
which occurred during his abbacy, between John Baliol of Scotland and
Edward I. of England, the Scots applied to the pope for his aid and
council; his holiness deemed it his province to interfere, and directed
letters to the king of England, asserting that the kingdom of Scotland
appertained to the Church of Rome; in these letters he attempt to prove
that it was opposed to justice, and, what he deemed of still greater
importance, to the interests of the holy see, that the king of England
should not have dominion over the kingdom of Scotland. The pope's
messengers on this occasion were received by abbot Godfrey; Walter says
that "He honorably received two cardinals at Peterborough with their
retinues, who were sent by the pope to make peace between the English
and the Scotch, and besides cheerfully entertaining them with food and
drink, gave them divers presents; to one of the cardinals, named
Gaucelin, he gave a certain psalter, beautifully written in letters of
gold and purple, and marvellously illuminated, _literis aureis et
assuris scriptum et mirabiliter luminatum_.[232] I give this anecdote to
show how splendidly the monks inscribed those volumes designed for the
service of the holy church. I ought to have mentioned before that
Wulstan, archbishop of York, gave many rare and precious ornaments to
Peterborough, nor should I omit a curious little book anecdote related
of him. He was born at Jceritune in Warwickshire, and was sent by his
parents to Evesham, and afterwards to Peterborough, where he gave great
indications of learning. His schoolmaster, who was an Anglo-Saxon named
Erventus, was a clever calligraphist, and is said to have been highly
proficient in the art of illuminating; he instructed Wulstan in these
accomplishments, who wrote under his direction a sacramentary and a
psalter, and illuminated the capitals with many pictures painted in gold
and colors; they were executed with so much taste th
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