[pkg-boost-devel] Incompatible change to Boost library names

Andreas Barth aba at not.so.argh.org
Sun Aug 30 12:04:18 UTC 2009


thanks for notifying us.

* Roger Leigh (rleigh at codelibre.net) [090830 11:09]:
> /usr/share/doc/libboost-program-options1.39-dev/README.Debian
> still lists '-lboost_program_options-mt' as the name to use,
> however.
> Is this change intentional, or just a bug in the 1.59 packaging?

> Does this retain or break compatibility with other distributions
> using Boost, and/or a stock build of Boost?

As we currently fight to get the large mysql / ...-transition through,
can we please have an status update ASAP.

I think it would be best to undo it for the moment, and do it at an
more appropriate time (if that was an intended change). And of course,
coordinating with -release before doing such changes is helpful (read:
required) to avoid have too many broken things at the same time.


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