[pkg-boost-devel] gnash and libboost

William Diem wmdiem at gmail.com
Sat Jul 10 05:03:06 UTC 2010

Installing gnash fails on Linux 2.6.34-0.slh.9-sidux-686 #1 SMP
PREEMPT Sat Jun 12 23:39:12 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux

This appears to be because gash depends on gnash-common which depend
on  libboost-date-time1.40.0 (>= 1.40.0-1), libboost-thread1.40.0 (>=
What is available is libboost-thread1.42.0 and
libboost-date-time1.42.0 (the numbers are part of the name).

Now either libboost 1.42 is not compatible with libbost 1.40 and
represents a clean break (thus the including of the version in the
name is correct, but then either the old version should still be
available as a seperate package or gnash-common should be be ported to
the new version) or it is backward compatible (in which case (a) it
probably oughtn't have it's version number in it's name, or failing
that (b) gnash-common should list something like
libboost-date-time1.40 | libboost-date-time1.41 |
libboost-date-time1.42 . . . ).

All the above should be taken as the speculation of someone with no
knowledge whatsoever of these things.


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