[pkg-boost-devel] petsc3.1 using lam instead of openmpi ? incompatilbity with boost::mpi...

Christophe Prud'homme prudhomm at debian.org
Thu May 27 10:35:55 UTC 2010


I certainly missed some emails but the recent petsc3.1 upload compiled with
 lam (and not the default openmi) provoked a massive breakage on my side:
 slepc and life (which uses also slepc).

I managed to recompile life without slepc but I also use boost mpi compiled
(build-depending on) with mpi-default-dev (as well as life)
and combining code linked with lam and openmpi generates a nice  segfault

is there a place explaining the situation and how to fix my software ? I
read the discussions on mpi and the move to mpich2 and openmpi
but did not find guidelines

Best regards
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