[pkg-boost-devel] Bug#583862: standalone asio package into pkg-boost

Markus Wanner markus at bluegap.ch
Sat Feb 23 08:22:37 UTC 2013

Hash: RIPEMD160


On 02/23/2013 07:48 AM, I wrote:
> Again: I'm not eager to package and test versions older than
> 1.4.8. And yes, I tried with 1.4.1. IMO we should just go forward
> and forget about older versions. We can still get 1.4.8 to wheezy
> as a backport, later on.

Rethinking this, I realized that we need to maintain some (possibly
old) version for wheezy, anyway.

OTOH we are discussing patch releases, i.e. all of 1.4.x is considered
a "stable release series" by upstream. So one might argue that 1.4.x
is what goes into wheezy, and any release with a newer x needs to go
in wheezy as well - as a bug fix or even security fix.

See for example the 1.4.8 changes:

* Fixed an integer overflow problem that occurs when
  `ip::address_v4::broadcast()` is used on 64-bit platforms.

* Fixed a problem on older Linux kernels (where epoll is used without
  timerfd support) that prevents timely delivery of deadline_timer
  handlers, after the program has been running for some time.

To me, this sounds like fixes that Debian stable (wheezy) users want
to get as well.

I didn't check source code changes to confirm this, though.


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