[pkg-boost-devel] boost1.53 rebuild

Dmitrijs Ledkovs xnox at debian.org
Tue Mar 26 09:21:37 UTC 2013

I did a test rebuild of what ben[0] thinks should be part of boost1.53
transition on amd64.
The sbuild logs then were processed by generate-html from xbuilder [1]
package with some tweaks.
The results are here.[2]

Two thirds build fine (201), some required build-depends twiddling
(22) to attempt building, and the rest failed in some way.

This is based on ubuntu raring, so there is about 2/3 direct overflap
with debian, if not more. I hope this type of data is still useful.

[0] http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/boost1.53.html
[1] Hence the missleading comments that it's "cross-build". No it
wasn't, it's all native.
[2] http://people.canonical.com/~xnox/boost1.53/

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