[pkg-boost-devel] Bug#794622: boost1.58: FTBFS on x32: Trying to build with -march=i686

Daniel Schepler dschepler at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 02:18:32 UTC 2015

Source: boost1.58
Version: 1.58.0+dfsg-3
Severity: important

The boost1.58 source package is failing to build on x32 (but previous versions
of boost, up to boost1.57 in experimental, built fine on that architecture).
See: http://buildd.debian-ports.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=boost1.58&arch=x32&ver=1.58.0%2Bdfsg-3&stamp=1438556646
.  It would appear that the cause is that, for some reason, the build is
trying to pass -march=i686 to the compiler which is incorrect, giving the

libs/atomic/src/lockpool.cpp:1:0: error: CPU you selected does not support x86-64 instruction set
Daniel Schepler

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