[pkg-boost-devel] Bug#844495: Bug#844490: FTBFS with boost1.62

Thibaut Paumard thibaut at debian.org
Wed Nov 16 11:16:22 UTC 2016

Control: tags 844490 +pending
Control: severity 844495 normal

For the record, the bug appears when doing:


where the type of alpha100 and delta100 is

I've realized that, when acos() does not return, delta100 above is
always zero. I can simplify the case by simply doing

in which case acos() also does not return. Does not look like a memory
leak after all.

However, doing just that in an isolated main function does not exhibit
the bug (I've also tried activating all the hardening features)

On the contrary, single-casing delta100==0 does allow Gyoto's test suite
to run through.

So I do have a workaround, that still smells like hiding the problem
under the carpet.

Kind regards, Thibaut.

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