[Pkg-chromium-maint] Bug#626250: "missing plugin" error trying to view some PDFs

Jonathan Nieder jrnieder at gmail.com
Wed May 11 13:44:53 UTC 2011

Aldo Maggi wrote:

> this is what i see on chromium:
> http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/istantanea-11052011-143043.php
> this is what i see on iceweasel:
> http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/istantanea-11052011-143322.php

Hmm, when I try with iceweasel I see a bar with

 Additional plugins are required to display all the media on this page 
 [ Install Missing Plugins ]

Simplified testcase attached (usage: save somewhere; put test.pdf
in the same directory; open the HTML file).

Installing mozplugger gets both chromium and iceweasel to display a
PDF for me.

Do you have some other PDF plugin installed?  It could be that
chromium is not seeing it for some reason, and depending on the
reason, that might be another bug.
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