[Pkg-chromium-maint] Chromium 14 backport "Aw, Snap!"

Fabien C. et1w9zppao6hlkl at jetable.org
Tue Oct 11 14:23:11 UTC 2011

> $ chromium-browser --renderer-startup-dialog --allow-sandbox-debugging

This --renderer-startup-dialog was taken from the Windows debugging
article. I saw no dialog box, even when using it with --no-sandbox as
advised in the article[1]

I also tried the --wait-for-debugger* options (from that same article)
without success. They are supposed to wait 60 seconds for a debugger to
attach, but they apparently wait forever.

Anyway, even with --wait-for-debugger-children I couldn't see a renderer
process in the "pstree -p" list to attach to....

I still have no clue about what the problem is. I think I'll wait for
the next release (v15) hoping the problem will be gone by then, as
investigating this further would take a considerable amount of time.


[1] "Important note: If you use this flag you also have to pass the
--no-sandbox flag, since the sandbox will otherwise prevent the renderer
from showing a startup dialog. "

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