[Pkg-chromium-maint] Bug#669338: "chromium --service" launched from kde startup file eats 100% CPU (Re: May not be (just) Chromium)

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Mon Apr 30 12:14:35 UTC 2012

On Sunday 29 April 2012 22:21:19 Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> tags 669338 + moreinfo
> quit
> Hi,
> David Baron wrote:
> > Problem may be in KDE with Chromium, maybe its flash plugin, triggering
> > or worsening the problem.
> Unfortunately it's hard to see what to do with this report without
> pinning it down more.
> Some variables mentioned have been:
>  * chromium
>  * KDE
>  * nvidia driver
>  * flash plugin
> If you can reproduce this booting from a live cd (e.g., a Debian Live
> CD[1]), that could help.  If you can remember when this started
> happening and confirm your guess by trying to reproduce this with and
> without the upgraded package, that upgrade, that would also help.  If
> you can rule out the nvidia driver and flash plugin as causes by
> disabling them temporarily, that would be useful as well.

There are two questions:

1. Why does that "service" keep coming back even if I explicitly delete it? 
Could this be KDE's flag of Chromium as default-browser?

2. Why the 100% CPU and memory. Since problems with KDE 4.7.4 with Nvidia have 
been cited, I can boot up to nouveau and see if such problems reoccur.

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