[Pkg-chromium-maint] Bug#695229: chromium-inspector: should be 'Multi-Arch: foreign' so that chromium:{arch} is installable

Jonathan Nieder jrnieder at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 06:51:51 UTC 2012


Peter Samuelson wrote:

> In order to install chromium:i386 on my amd64 system, its dependency,
> chromium-inspector, would need to be "Multi-Arch: foreign".  This is
> because it is "Architecture: all", which in a multi-arch context is
> calculated as "Architecture: {primary installed arch}".

Are you sure?  Could you send output from trying to install it?

(I had always thought that in the multi-arch world "Arch: all" meant
"with the same architecture as its dependencies".)

Thanks and hope that helps,

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