[Pkg-chromium-maint] Bug#612812: chromium-browser: libgles2-mesa not in Recommends: or Suggests

Michael Gilbert michael.s.gilbert at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 04:33:24 UTC 2012

I think it make sense to include most of these.  Some of them as
recommends and some as suggests.

>If we wanted to blindly Suggest all of these, that would mean:
> libgnome-keyring0 -- password manager
> libgps19 -- geolocation backend
> [libnvomx -- nvidia-specific, video playback acceleration]
> [libomxcore -- video playback acceleration]
> libpci3 | libpci-dev -- retrieving video card info, e.g. for crash reports

Those are good suggested features.

> libnss3-1d -- all things crypto, including SSL

Probably something that should be recommended.

> libavcodec53, libavformat53, libavutil51 -- video playback

Already a dependency now.

> libgssapi-krb5-2, libgssapi3-heimdal -- HTTP authentication
> libglib2.0-0 | libglib2.0-dev -- retrieving proxy settings

Probably good suggestions.

> libgnutls28 | libgnutls-dev -- avoiding CUPS initialization race

Probably a good recommendation for printing using a secure protocol
(for internet printing).

> libosmesa6, libgl1-mesa-glx, libgles2-mesa, libegl1-mesa -- WebGL

Probably should be recommended as webgl is bound to become an
important web feature soon.

Best wishes,

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