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Rickie Amado (PersuasiveSVC) rickie at olivedrabgs.com
Sat Apr 27 07:18:12 UTC 2013

Dear Customer,

Hello.  I am Rickie of Persuasive Service.  The hot weather's just 
getting hotter, we trust you are doing fine.

The following will be a little bit straightforward for SME Proprietors 
and Business Owners.

We *introduce Persuasive Service to SMEs, shops, etc. by going around* 
town, and here are some things we have come to experience.
Initially, we study and learn about the customer's business, look around 
the web about it, and if it's not there, *we actually go the shop and 
inquire about their services*.

The shop's staff are definitely able to explain the services, but if *we 
introduce some business improvement suggestions* to them, the *staff 
just don't have any authority to accept or implement it*.  To site an 
example, we say that your business is offering a really unique service - 
why not do home service too instead of just your within-shop service.  
That's actually useless saying it to the shop's staff.

We encounter and meet of course the Proprietors, Persons-in-Charge, 
Owners, etc., and here are some things we noticed.
The *owners who are actively thinking* to expand their business, *who 
are hands-on* and *frequently look over* their shop definitely 
*understand the business problems* at ground zero. *When we discuss our 
service at Persuasive with them, the talk goes smoothly and there is 
even a mutual understanding.*
However, for owners who are not as described above, these are the people 
who are not present most of the time, and wouldn't even attend to an 
agreed appointment.

At Persuasive Service, we're offering this as our own business of 
course, to be accepted and availed by our clients, but *we would never 
shove it down our client's throats*.
*As a policy, since we look at the improvement points and genuinely 
offer to support client SMEs, it's never a big loss for customers 
listening to our offering, it's even in fact a chance to expand their 

For business owners who don't have much time and mostly out of their 
shop, well, you can easily imagine a lot of things on what they do outside.
*So, if you think your service is that good, you might just want to put 
a little bit more time and attention to it.*

At Persuasive, *we support SMEs as well as Startups who are Serious in 
Growing their Business.*
*We provide our support for free as your Business Consultant.*

Come Visit us at *www.persuasiveservice.com* if :
** You are interested in Customer/Lead Generation through your website,
     download (for Free) and read our Web Marketing material to support 
your Business Growth.
* You would like to hear from us in more detail, Join our Web Marketing 
Seminar for Free.

Roderick Amado
Olive Drab Global Services, Inc. (http://www.olivedrabgs.com)
Suite 22, Zeta Building, 191 Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village,
Makati City 1229, Philippines
Cellphone : +63-918-933-7301
Landline  : +63-2-553-7405 (Reception)
             +63-2-553-7406 (President's Office)

"Storms make trees take deeper roots."

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