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Tue Jan 8 09:34:04 UTC 2013

新一年,有否計劃為 貴公司網頁改變形象又或者為 貴公司打造一個智能手機應用程式,讓客戶隨時拿著手機亦能接收 貴公司的資訊呢?	
我們是一間香港資訊科技公司,提供專業平面設計、度身訂造網頁設計、 iPhone / iPad / Android 應用程式開發及 IT 解決方案。成立至今已為香港超過一百間公司及企業提供相關服務。	
我們的客戶包括: 上市公司、美國總商會、赤柱龍舟會、數碼港、禮頓亞洲、NestBeauty、LUSH、律師行、UPS、 公民黨、 遵理學校、Sony Music、惠而浦、 KAPLAN 等不同公司或機構。	
電郵:    info at a-design.com.hk	
網址:    www.a-design.com.hk/en/ | www.speedhost.com.hk	
熱線:    3484 8864    /    3421 1733 	
Happy New Year!	
In 2013, have you ever thought of revamping the website of your company or even a tailor-made Smartphone application for your company so that your clients can get the latest updates with their fingertips?	
We are a one-stop web and mobile solutions provider. We have been providing related services for over 100 companies in Hong Kong. We provide graphic design, tailer-made web design, iPhone / iPad / Android Apps Development services and IT Solutions for different enterprises. 	
Our Clients include Listed Companies, American Chamber, Stanley Dragonboat Association, Cyberport, Leighton Asia, NestBeauty, LUSH, Law Firms, UPS, Civic Party, Beacon College, Sony Music, Whirlpool and KAPLAN etc.	
Here is our showcase for your reference: 	
Send us an e-mail or give us a call for a quote or meeting now!	
E-mail:            info at a-design.com.hk	
Our Web Site:  www.a-design.com.hk/en/ | www.speedhost.com.hk	
Hotline:            3484 8864    /    3421 1733	
A-Design (HK) Limited | Rm 1309, Wayson Commercial Building, 28 Connaught Road West, HK | 3484 8864	
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