[Pkg-chromium-maint] Bug#696909: chromium segfaults on startup on armhf

shawnlandden at gmail.com shawnlandden at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 21:58:00 UTC 2013

It works when built with gold 2.23 on an armv6+ hardware host (bug 696284). This bug is also a dup, and was njotriced shortely after chromium 22 was made to build again on arm (ftbfs since chromium 18) due to my patches.

peter green <plugwash at p10link.net> wrote:

>Note: adding debian-arm to cc for feedback from other porters.
>Jonathan Nieder wrote:
>> Hi Peter,
>> peter green wrote:
>>> Patch to make the package use bfd rather than gold on armel and
>armhf is
>>> attached. I may or may not upload this as a NMU.
>> If you'll have time to continue working on chromium:arm in the
>> it would probably be better to just add yourself to pkg-chromium on
>> alioth
>Like any other package if chromium gives us problems over in raspbian I
>will try to get those problems fixed and will contribute what I
>back to debian where appropriate but I don't have any real knowlege of 
>chromium's internals or build system nor do I have the time or 
>inclination to learn them.
>Anyway I have some bad news. When I try to do an armel build with bfd
>my imx board I get.
>  LINK(target) out/Release/chrome
>/usr/bin/ld.bfd.real: failed to set dynamic section sizes: Memory
>collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
>I have plenty of swap so i'm pretty sure the real problem is not memory
>per-se but address space. I had the same problem with the raspbian
>(but not with the debian armhf build) and for raspbian I worked arround
>it by building with user mode qemu on an x64 host (which provides 
>significantly more virtual address space than any real arm system) but 
>i'm not sure that is acceptable for debian.
>Thoughts on what to do for chromium on armel? leave it broken? drop it 
>completely? upload packages built with bfd under user mode qemu 
>(assuming that succeeds and produces usable packages) to the archive?
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