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Fri May 24 19:52:38 UTC 2013

Mikedelta.fr announces:

Flight simulator compatible software and Pilot services

 Info for passengers


As a passenger you see sometimes a screen with basic information like
plane altitude, speed and outside temp, then sudenly, you also see a
map showing the flight position, this piece of software is intended to
run on a second monitor, for your passengers of course. For
individuals or cockpit builders put this piece of sofware into your
FSX cockpit.


Flight Log Client


The SERIES 2 of FLC was born, now with ability to create and submit
flightplans to our network, you can also save them in "FPL IVAO
compatible format" to share with your IVAO application or load them in
further flight logs. Logging your flight data to a lifetime database.

Live Radar


This is our windows live radar client, it allows you to see what's
happening in our virtual sky in real time, it seems like the web
interface (Live radar link)
 but with more accuracy.

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