[Pkg-chromium-maint] Bug#618977: old bug, fixed now?

Jason Woofenden jason at jasonwoof.com
Sun Nov 10 04:27:10 UTC 2013

> I cannot see, what the problem here is.
> The output you post for 'xclip -o' seems quite reasonable.
> What is the difference to 'xclip -o -selection clipboard'?

Huh, they do look the same at

I didn't realize until now is that the problematic characters were
not "spaces", but U+00AD.

I just read up about this character here:


Seems this character should not be rendered, and is merely an
indication of where mid-word line breaking can happen.

If you click the "mbox" link on my original post and open it up in
vim or some such, you should be able to see the extra characters I
was complaining about. I've done a search-and-replace on my
original post to replace these characters with normal dashes,
here's what it looks like:

> > 4) xclip -o
> > 
> > MIC-HAEL NAGLE is fas-cinated by how peo-ple learn. While study-ing
> > theoret-ical math at MIT, he began work-ing to build en-viron-ments
> > that sup-port sus-tain-able in-qui-ry for kids, and later, adults.
> > If he didn't think educa-tion was in such vital need of re-new-al,
> > he would pro-bab-ly be a hardcore mat-hematician and a softcore
> > DJ.
> > 
> > 5) xclip -o -selection clipboard
> > 
> > MICHAEL NAGLE is fascinated by how people learn. While studying
> > theoretical math at MIT, he began working to build environments
> > that support sustainable inquiry for kids, and later, adults. If he
> > didn't think education was in such vital need of renewal, he would
> > probably be a hardcore mathematician and a softcore DJ.

I have not experienced this bug in a long time, and I've been using
chromium quite a bit lately. It must have been fixed.

Or... I suppose it's possible that espeak just doesn't pronounce
them as word breaks anymore.


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