[Pkg-chromium-maint] Universal Travel Adaptor + USB Charger for more than 150 countries

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Wed Oct 16 13:42:14 UTC 2013

The Universal Adapter Plug allows you to plug your notebook computer,
mobile phone charger, battery charger, or your other commonly used
digital products and small household electrical appliances. For use in
Europe Middle East Africa Asia and the Caribbean. UG-B: For use in S.
America N. America Japan and the Caribbean.

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 1. Great for on the go
 2. Applied voltage: 100-240V (V): 6A rated current (Amp)
 3. The maximum load power: 110V MAX 1430W (W), 230V MAX 3250W (Watts)
 4. Material: ABS PC ROHS with environmental requirements
 5. Product certification: CE&R0HS

List of conversion plug suitable region:

Asia: Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Macao, Hongkong, China, South Korea,
Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand... Etc..

Europe: Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria... Etc..

America: Canada, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico claw, the United States of
America, Brazil... Etc..

Australia: Australia, New Zealand... Etc..

The Middle East: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Jordan
and so on.

This product is not suitable for the region: Africa is not applicable
to local area.

This product does not have the transformation function.

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Happy Customers:

I needed these for a European vacation a bit ago, and these were
recommended to me by some friends who travel a lot. Their
recommendation was spot on. These adapters are of great quality, and
yet not overpriced. I am really happy with them. Just remember, these
only adapt for plug, not the power itself. Most electronics will work
fine with these, as they are designed to take input voltage from
110-240 so you'll generally be fine with these for that use.

Over the years, I have been buying adapters for OZ/NZ adapters from a
number of buyers. This is by far the best deal, and I am rushing to buy
4 packs of those so that I never have to deal with these adapters
again. (I keep buying stuff from the States and needing adapters to
plug them in. And, sometimes, transformers.)

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