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My dear friend,  I am contacting you again by email after my earlier letter
to you which I have not yet received any reply from you. I am Mr. Rufus
Young from London here in UK.  I write to inform you of my interest and
desire to invest my funds with you in your country.  I got your contact
from your country's online page and after inquiries at your high commission
here in London, I decided to contact you directly based on recommendations
I received that you are a reliable and hardworking person.  I was also made
aware of your country' s political stability,investment opportunities,
secure economic and financial policies, dependable investment
infrastructures, stable and buoyant economy and above all, the hospitality
of your people.  It is true that we have not met before, but I trust that
you are an experienced, reliable and trustworthy person with high standard
of honesty and integrity. I know that trust, as a foundation for business,
is earned and not given away lightly. I also know that almost all
international transactions are done on mutual trust, faith and
understanding.  I am aware that the internet has been abused by certain
persons making it difficult to establish trust and this is indeed
regrettable. It is possible that you may have recieved similar letter
before which may have turned out to be  spam. Let me assure you that my
contact with you is for genuine business relationship that would benefit
both of us, and certainly not just a hoax that exist on internet. Should my
humble proposal not interest you, please delete it rom your computer and do
not reply. Also, do not assume that this is a hoax because it is certainly
not a hoax.

Actually, I am seeking means of establishing viable, legal  and low risk
business in your country that is capable of generating at least 10% annual
return on investment (ROI) and I want you to assist and guide me and
recommend areas where I can invest profitably since I do not know how
business is done in your country. I want to have you as my partner and
manager and it is going to be a joint business between us after we reach a
mutual and honest understanding. I also want to know if we can invest into
your own establishment if you can guarantee safety of my money and if your
bylaw allows foreign direct investment. My preferences are tourism,
agriculture, real estate properties or any other good business that you can
recommend. I am offering you 3% of the fund as commission if you can
honestly and sincerely guide and cooperate with me to successfully achieve
this project soon. I  want to relocate my family and assets to your country
and I want you to help me in finding a good home preferably (a waterfront
six bedroom property ) where we can live in. Please take note that I want
absolute confidentiality and professionalism in the management of this
fund. With your cooperation, I am ready, willing and able to invest legally
in long term, the sum of  (GBP£5.500,000,.00)Five million Five hundred
thousand pounds sterling  with you immediately into areas that you would
recommend and I want to know if you can invest and manage the funds
profitably. Let me also know if you want to see evidence of the fund with
my broker;s bank so that my lawyer can forward it to you for confirmation.

If you believe we can work together, please let me know your thinking
immediately, your questions and your conditions for this discretionary
asset management project and your interest to partner with me so that I can
provide relevant details and how we can proceed to have a fruitful business
relationship. Let me also know if it is possible to get the money back in
the next 10 years while the investment is in progress. My contact emails
are  rufusyoung01 at gmail.com (and)  rufusyoung01 at hotmail.com  My telephones
are : +44 703 198 5960, +44 703 193 1645. I wait for your kind
consideration to my investment proposal as I look forward to a sincere and
genuine mutual business relationship with you. kind regards.
NB: Please if you received this letter in your spam folder, I am sorry,  It
might be due to connection error. Kindly return to your inbox and reply
without delay.
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