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sales at smartsolutions.com sales at smartsolutions.com
Sat Dec 20 04:36:13 UTC 2014


**Good day Sir,

I sent you an email enquiry last week but i did not receive any response
from you regarding my order, so i have just sent it again in case you did
not receive it.

Please note my new purchase order list in my attached file, 

and kindly send me your draft Quotation on the items.

Awaiting your reply.

Barbara Lacitignola - Sales Manager - Foreign trade executive


Address: SP 231 Km 1.110 to 70,026 Modugno (Ba) - Italy 

Tel : +39 0805367090- Fax: +39 0805367091 

Vat Number / P.Iva: IT00324840727**


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