[Pkg-chromium-maint] Bug#770659: seems to be related to using the Debian srtp library

Maximilian Engelhardt maxi at daemonizer.de
Sat Dec 20 15:43:49 UTC 2014

I did some tests to track this down a bit.

starting chromium with "--enable-logging --v=4" I do get this in my 

[49:62:1219/210401:VERBOSE3:channel.cc(783)] Installing keys from DTLS-SRTP on audio RTP
[49:62:1219/210401:VERBOSE1:srtpfilter.cc(699)] Failed to init SRTP, err=5
[49:62:1219/210401:VERBOSE2:channel.cc(853)] DTLS-SRTP key installation failed

So the problem seems to be somewhere in or related to srtp. I had a quick look 
at the corresponding code, but I'm not sure what is the problem there. The 
error message from my log comes from here:


and is the return value of the srtp_init() function from the srtp source here:


The functions crypto_kernel_init() and crypto_kernel_load_debug_module() can 
be found here:


I couldn't see any obvious problem there but I only had a very rough look at 
the code.

So suspecting this might be caused by the system srtp library I disabled it by 
removing "use_system_libsrtp=1" from the debian/rules file and got a chromium 
with working webrtc.

At the moment I have no idea where the real problem is or how it should be 
fixed, this is just what I found out so far. It might also be the case that 
it's not chromium or srtp's fault but the real cause of this problem is 
somewhere else. Probably someone with more knowledge on all this should have a 
look at it.

Some things I also noticed that might be of interest. I did a build of 
chromium-browser-37.0.2062.120 on jessie and it also seems to be affected by 
this bug. If I remember correctly I did test chromium 37 (not sure anymore 
which versions, but I think all that went to the Debian archive) from 
snapshots.debian.org some time ago and they all worked.

I also tested chromium from an Ubuntu live stick and webrtc does work there. 
However as far as I could see this the build of chromium on Ubuntu doesn't use 
any system libraries.
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