[Pkg-chromium-maint] GWAVA Recipient Notification (Spam,RBL)

Administrator admin at asp-kenya.com
Tue Jul 22 00:09:17 UTC 2014

A message sent to you was intercepted by GWAVA - Content protection for
Novell GroupWise.

The message was blocked for the following reason(s):

The message was detected as spam
The message was listed on an RBL server

The message contained the following information:

Date Received: 19-Jul-2014 12:31
Subject: BONANSA!! Cars Sales for discounted prices
From: brickcity_motors at usa.com

mattm at chromium.org
org at gtempaccount.com
chromium at googlecode.com
cronoklee at gmail.com
sunilpachoriya74 at gmail.com
extension at gmail.com
zombewito at gmail.com
garoon88wannakan at gmail.com
jvinet at zeroflux.org
aaron at archlinux.org
webmaster at debian.org
pkg-chromium-maint at lists.alioth.debian.org
iuculano at debian.org
mgilbert at debian.org
debian-www at lists.debian.org
admin at opensuse.org
anonymous at anoncvs.gentoo.org
nickname at gentoo.org
paypal at gentoo.org
icesik at altlinux.org

The following information details the events that prevented delivery of this message:
This message was rejected by a RBL server.
This message was considered to be spam.
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