[Pkg-chromium-maint] Bug#748867: patch: Let's fix this by adding APIKEY

Osamu Aoki osamu at debian.org
Sat Oct 18 09:12:27 UTC 2014

control: tags 748867 patch

We are reaching closer to freeze.  This -2 package is missing APIKEY
still and pushed almost immediately to testing archive breaking not just
unstable but *tesing* systems.

I have no idea why urgency=medium package takes only one day to migrate
to testing.  I have no idea why the same trick of immediate push to
testing is not used to fix this situation since fix seems to be known
for 5 days. https://bugs.debian.org/748867#117

Mike said on 5 days ago https://bugs.debian.org/748867#122:
> And when it comes to api keys, the plan has been to implement it
> differently this time, which has yet to be done, but is probably going
> to take less time than this email anyway.

I understand Mike's (long term) plan to separate APIKEY to different
package.  But, at least for now, can we have functioning package in
testing without reading and manually tweeking the system?  Any reason
not to update this?  Then with next package, Mike can do whatever as
long as it is cordinated with ftp-master for the new package.

I attach a quick fix idea here.  (We can remove "etc/chromium.d" from
debian/chromium.dirs)  Mike is right it took less time to write this
patch than writing this report.

I guess something much more urgent is holding Mike to fix this.  Can
someone NMU this package after applying and checking this patch, if Mike
is not available?

At least adding this key fixed my system.  (I have removed old
~/.chromium directory before adding the API key.  If removal of this is
required for upgrade, please consider adding entry to  debian/NEWS)



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