[Pkg-chromium-maint] Bug#748867: Bug#748867: patch: Let's fix this by adding APIKEY

Martin Steigerwald Martin at lichtvoll.de
Sun Oct 19 10:08:20 UTC 2014

Am Samstag, 18. Oktober 2014, 19:06:33 schrieb Michael Gilbert:
> control: severity -1 important
> On Sat, Oct 18, 2014 at 5:12 AM, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> > At least adding this key fixed my system.  (I have removed old
> > ~/.chromium directory before adding the API key.  If removal of this is
> > required for upgrade, please consider adding entry to  debian/NEWS)
> That patch, of course as simple as it is, looks ok, almost.  Like I
> said my plan is to put it in a separate chromium-apikeys package.
> I'll have time to work on that tomorrow.  Those interested can then
> press ftp masters for a quick review.

Will it be non-free?

I think I like this idea… cause some may not want to use Google APIs.

Actually I would also like to see a way to *shut* up Chromium if api keys are 
missing. Actually I didn´t even see any issue using Chromium without API keys… 
so I just placed a file with them there to silence that annoying warning.

If it at least only warned *once*. But its nagging on every start. I already 
consider looking at the source and ifdef out the code that shows the warning 

Its free software after all, or is it?

(And no offence meant… looking forward to test with your separate api keys 
package and IMO, its Sid / Testing for a reason, I can drop my own file there 
for the time being.)

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