Zhong Hua hua00974 at qq.com
Wed Apr 1 00:39:26 UTC 2015

Dear colleague,

I humbly implore for your consideration as I request your interest to set 

up a private investment with you in your country under your committal 

assistance. However, Let me know if you are interested to discuss the 

possibility of entering into a joint venture partnership with me.

By the way of introduction: I am Mr. Zhong Hua is Chief Financial Officer, 

Joint Company Secretary and General Manager (Director) of Investor 

Relations Department (Office for the Board of Directors) of the Company 

(CNOOC), Outside Director of China National Offshore Oil Corp.,(CNOOC).  

Website: http://www.cnoocltd.com/col/col7351/index.html

I am writing you In an open mindset to negotiate the possibility of a Joint 

Venture investment of company with you. I will be moved to equip you with 

the appropriate details of my prospected investment options and capital if 

you accept my proposed gesture.

Moreover, I want every of my co-operation with you to be carried out 

legally and in a transparent manner.

Awaits your response.

Mr. Hua

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