[Pkg-chromium-maint] PCB newest price

Jenny Jenny jenny at tendtronic.com
Sat Aug 8 12:58:56 UTC 2015

We are the leading manufacturer company in PCB (print circuit board )
industry.We provide low price and high quality PCB  or RAW MATERIALS for
your products.


Just  take a minute to fill the form and get the PCB newest price.

Best regard

[image: Image result for pcb]
   [image: Image result for Flexible PCB]
   [image: Image result for Aluminum PCB]

                        PCB Board Quick Quotation Form

*Completed by buyers * *Fill the NO in the (  )*

*Company Name:*



*Monthly usage/pcs:*

*Board Dimension:*          *(W)×           (H)cm*

*Material:   **(   **)    *Others :

①FR4   ②CEM-3   ③CEM-1  ④Alum Base   ⑤Flexible   ⑥Felx-rigid   ⑦High-Tg   ⑧

*Board Layer:**(   **)   *Others :

①1   ②2   ③4   ④6   ⑤8   ⑦10   ⑧12

*Solder mask:**(   **)                            *

①1-sided  ②2-sided  ③None

*Thickness:  **(   **)    *Others :

①1.6mm   ②1.2mm   ③1.0mm   ④0.8mm   ⑤0.6mm   ⑥2.0mm   ⑦2.5mm   ⑧3.0mm   ⑨
3.2mm   ⑩3.5mm

*Silkscreen:  **(   **)      *

①1-sided  ②2-sided  ③None

*Copper Cladding: **(   **)*Others :

①0.5Oz(18um)   ②1Oz(35um)   ③2Oz(70um)

*Surface Finishing: **(         **)*Others :

①Lead HASL       ②Lead-free HASL   ③Flash Gold   ④Immersion Gold

⑤Immersion Tin   ⑥OSP   ⑦Gold Finger   ⑧Immersion Silver

*Min. track & Gap width: **(   **)*Others :

①>0.15mm (6mil)   ②0.15mm (6mil)   ③0.125mm (5mil)   ④0.1mm (4mil)

*Min. drill diameter: **(   **)*Others :

①>0.3mm (12mil)   ②0.3mm (12mil)   ③0.25mm (10mil)   ④0.2mm (8mil)

*No. of Drill:**(   **)*Others :

①<300   ②301~500   ③501~1000

*Other requirement:*

Completed by:

*Remark:* Parameters which is not filled will be quoted according to the
first option.

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