[Pkg-chromium-maint] Bug#804901: chromium: Chromium 47 breaks the GPU acceleration

Gedalya gedalya at gedalya.net
Mon Dec 7 22:55:44 UTC 2015

Thinkpad T430, Ivy Bridge i5-3230M.

I get the following messages:

[19549:19577:1207/174928:ERROR:nss_util.cc(839)] After loading Root 
Certs, loaded==false: NSS error code: -8018
[19596:19596:1207/174928:FATAL:sandbox_seccomp_bpf_linux.cc(203)] Check 
failed: policy->PreSandboxHook().

(The latter one apparently relevant to this bug) followed by a trace.

--disable-seccomp-filter-sandbox does work around the issue.

Performance in my case is not as slow the previous commenter describes 
but CPU usage is a lot higher.

On my desktop, it's an AMD OLAND GPU using free drivers (radeonsi), and 
I get no issue at all (also not the NSS message FWIW). Both machines 
running up-to-date stretch with chromium 47.0.2526.73-1

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