[Pkg-chromium-maint] Bug#777708: please return configuration master_preferences file back under /etc

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Wed Feb 11 18:23:19 UTC 2015

Package: chromium
Version: 39.0.2171.71-2
Severity: normal
File: /usr/lib/chromium/master_preferences

master_preferences is a configuration file and in wheezy version lived happily
under /etc/chromium/ and was useful to e.g. set a system-wide homepage .
But in jessie it now will be located under /usr/lib/chromium/master_preferences
and I am not sure if even that one anyhow used:

$> sudo strace -fF -o /tmp/123 chromium --temp-profile 
ATTENTION: default value of option force_s3tc_enable overridden by environment.

$> grep master_pref /tmp/123
27697 access("/etc/chromium/master_preferences", F_OK) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)

actually according to the patch

$> cat debian/patches/prefs.patch  
Author:  Raymond Wooninck (tittiatcoke)
Source: OpenSUSE (chromium-master-prefs-path.patch)

--- a/chrome/browser/first_run/first_run_internal_linux.cc  2014-03-14 17:19:57.308905802 +0100
+++ b/chrome/browser/first_run/first_run_internal_linux.cc  2014-03-14 17:19:57.300905802 +0100
@@ -19,9 +19,7 @@
 base::FilePath MasterPrefsPath() {
   // The standard location of the master prefs is next to the chrome binary.
-  base::FilePath master_prefs;
-  if (!PathService::Get(base::DIR_EXE, &master_prefs))
-    return base::FilePath();
+  base::FilePath master_prefs = base::FilePath("/etc/chromium");
   return master_prefs.AppendASCII(installer::kDefaultMasterPrefs);

it seems that desired pathname is now /etc/chromium (file, not a directory)
which is probably also not a good idea since chromium does look for some
additional files under etc/chromium/ (see below) but even if I copy
master_preferences to etc/chromium my changes seems to have no effect for tha
above --temp-profile run (may be they shouldn't? )

$> grep /etc/chromi /tmp/123
30145 openat(AT_FDCWD, "/etc/chromium.d", O_RDONLY|O_NONBLOCK|O_DIRECTORY|O_CLOEXEC) = 3
30147 execve("/usr/bin/expr", ["expr", "/etc/chromium.d/apikeys", ":", ".*.dpkg"], [/* 18 vars */]) = 0
30145 open("/etc/chromium.d/apikeys", O_RDONLY) = 3
30151 stat("/etc/chromium/policies/managed", 0x7fffe7af3348) = -1 ENOTDIR (Not a directory)
30151 stat("/etc/chromium/policies/recommended", 0x7fffe7af3348) = -1 ENOTDIR (Not a directory)
30151 openat(AT_FDCWD, "/etc/chromium/policies/managed", O_RDONLY|O_NONBLOCK|O_DIRECTORY|O_CLOEXEC) = -1 ENOTDIR (Not a directory)
30151 openat(AT_FDCWD, "/etc/chromium/policies/recommended", O_RDONLY|O_NONBLOCK|O_DIRECTORY|O_CLOEXEC) = -1 ENOTDIR (Not a directory)
30151 access("/etc/chromium/master_preferences", F_OK) = -1 ENOTDIR (Not a directory)
30176 inotify_add_watch(21, "/etc/chromium", IN_ATTRIB|IN_CLOSE_WRITE|IN_MOVE|IN_CREATE|IN_DELETE|IN_ONLYDIR <unfinished ...>
30176 lstat("/etc/chromium",  <unfinished ...>
30176 inotify_add_watch(21, "/etc/chromium", IN_ATTRIB|IN_CLOSE_WRITE|IN_MOVE|IN_CREATE|IN_DELETE|IN_ONLYDIR <unfinished ...>
30176 lstat("/etc/chromium",  <unfinished ...>
30176 stat("/etc/chromium/policies/managed",  <unfinished ...>
30176 stat("/etc/chromium/policies/recommended",  <unfinished ...>

-- System Information:
Debian Release: 8.0
  APT prefers testing
  APT policy: (900, 'testing'), (600, 'unstable'), (300, 'experimental')
Architecture: amd64 (x86_64)
Foreign Architectures: i386

Kernel: Linux 3.17-1-amd64 (SMP w/4 CPU cores)
Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8, LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8)
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/dash
Init: systemd (via /run/systemd/system)

Versions of packages chromium depends on:
ii  libasound2           1.0.28-1
ii  libc6                2.19-13
ii  libcairo2            1.14.0-2.1
ii  libcap2              1:2.24-6
ii  libcups2             1.7.5-10
ii  libdbus-1-3          1.8.12-3
ii  libexpat1            2.1.0-6+b3
ii  libfontconfig1       2.11.0-6.3
ii  libfreetype6         2.5.2-2
ii  libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0   2.31.1-2+b1
ii  libglib2.0-0         2.42.1-1
ii  libgnome-keyring0    3.12.0-1+b1
ii  libgtk2.0-0          2.24.25-1
ii  libharfbuzz0b        0.9.35-2
ii  libjpeg62-turbo      1:1.3.1-11
ii  libnspr4             2:4.10.7-1
ii  libnss3              2:3.17.2-1.1
ii  libpango-1.0-0       1.36.8-3
ii  libpangocairo-1.0-0  1.36.8-3
ii  libpci3              1:3.2.1-3
ii  libspeechd2          0.8-7
ii  libspeex1            1.2~rc1.2-1
ii  libsrtp0             1.4.5~20130609~dfsg-1.1
ii  libstdc++6           4.9.1-19
ii  libudev1             215-8
ii  libx11-6             2:1.6.2-3
ii  libxcomposite1       1:0.4.4-1
ii  libxcursor1          1:1.1.14-1+b1
ii  libxdamage1          1:1.1.4-2+b1
ii  libxext6             2:1.3.3-1
ii  libxfixes3           1:5.0.1-2+b2
ii  libxi6               2:1.7.4-1+b2
ii  libxml2              2.9.1+dfsg1-4
ii  libxrandr2           2:1.4.2-1+b1
ii  libxrender1          1:0.9.8-1+b1
ii  libxslt1.1           1.1.28-2+b2
ii  libxss1              1:1.2.2-1
ii  libxtst6             2:1.2.2-1+b1
ii  x11-utils            7.7+2
ii  xdg-utils            1.1.0~rc1+git20111210-7.3

chromium recommends no packages.

Versions of packages chromium suggests:
pn  chromium-inspector  <none>
pn  chromium-l10n       <none>

-- no debconf information

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