[Pkg-chromium-maint] Payment Advice - Advice Ref:[G32449987376] / Priority peyment / Customer Ref:[815380]

HSBC Remmittance sales at bamboosapahotel.com.vn
Wed May 6 11:02:39 UTC 2015

Dear pkg-chromium-maint at lists.alioth.debian.org,
 Find peyment advice issued at the request of our customer in Secured PDF file assesible only by you. The advice is for your reference only.

05/05/15-19:54:49                    Reprint From MFA-0000-000000         ---------------------  Instance Type and Transmission --------------    
       Priority/Delivery         : Normal
--------------------------- Message Header -------------------------    
       Swift Input                   : FIN 103 Single Customer Credt Transfer
       Sender   : MPBLPKKACIU 
                 NATIONAL BANK
                  (CENTRAL IMPORT UNIT)
       Receiver : HANYUS33XXX 
                  HABIB AMERICAN BANK
                  NEW YORK,NY US
--------------------------- Message Text ---------------------------    
        20: Sender's Reference
       23B: Bank Operation Code
       32A: Val Dte/Curr/Interbnk Settld Amt
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