[Pkg-chromium-maint] Best Practices In Multi Shift Operations

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Thu May 14 17:00:27 UTC 2015

Best Practices In Multi Shift Operations

3 Full Days

Wednesday, 10 June 15

@ O.R. Tambo Protea Hotel, JHB

Training Course

Ensure Safe & Efficient Operations

. Understand the issues associated with 24/7 shift operation

. Identify strategies to deal with the issues

. Explore alternative shift schedules that reduce costs and improve job

. Learn what has worked - and what hasn't - at other plants

. Develop effective shift supervisors

. Benchmark your performance against that of world-class facilities

. Create an Action Plan for continuous improvement back at work


What You Will Learn



Who Should Attend?

*        Plant and Operations Managers

*        Production Engineers

*        Shift Supervisors

*        Senior Operators 

*        Quality, Maintenance

*        HR managers and training managers who have responsibility for shift


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The Course

Process industries are highly competitive. There are significant pressures
to reduced costs whilst continuously improving the quality of service to
customers. In order to compete successfully, 24-hour operations must achieve
the highest possible standards at all times.


For a facility to operate safely and efficiently 24/7, it is necessary to
apply shift working. However, a multiple-shift operation poses a challenge
because of the potential for disconnects caused by the fact that the
personnel are changing every few hours. This can result in a significantly
increased risk of incidents together with operational problems such as
reduced throughput and increased levels of waste. Operating multiple shifts
can be like running several different companies at the same time. Each
change of shift brings a new team of people with different skills, attitudes
and objectives.

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Course Topics

. Understanding the issues associated with shift working

- Communication

- Continuity of operation

- Consistency of approach

. Building a Competitive Advantage

- Benchmarking world-class operations

- Performance results from successful plants

. Effective Communications

- Deliver effective management communication to all shifts

- Improve shift leader-team communications

. Effective Shift Handover

- Best practices for effective shift handover

- Start of shift meetings

. Ensuring Continuity of Operation

- Performance management

- Effective standard operating procedures

. Developing Effective Shift Supervisors

- Evolution of the role of supervisor

- Training and developing effective supervisors

. Continuous Improvement/Kaizen in 24-Hour Operations

- Understanding CI

- Workplace organisation and 5S

- Learning from the Toyota Production System (TPS)

. Dealing with Fatigue

- The body clock and circadian rhythms

- Causes of fatigue

- Ergonomics

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