[Pkg-chromium-maint] GREETINGS MY BELOVED ONE

Nooda Turkmani noodaturkmani at hof.com.my
Thu Nov 24 08:13:14 UTC 2016

Dear Sir,

I am Miss. Nooda Turkmani, I am 17 Years old and a Syrian citizen. My
father Hassan Turkmani was al-Assad's security adviser and assistant
vice president and was killed in Damascus of Syria and his business
office burnt down because of his support to the President Bashar AL-

 The rebel leaders have tried all they could to persuade President
Bashar AL- Assad to conduct a free and all inclusive election but he
refused and decided to go to war against the citizens he is pretending
to govern. If President Bashar AL- Assad thinks that he is popular, he
would have accepted to have a transitional committee and general
election will be conducted and who wins will at-least bring peace to

Anyway, let me not take your time with the situation in Syria as my
family was mostly affected. I lost my father- Hassan Turkmani the
security adviser and assistant vice president to President Bashar AL-
Assad regime and My Mother in bomb blast at Damascus.

 I had to escape Syria with my little sister to Turkey and from there to
United Kingdom where my father had huge sum of money with
Raiffeisenbank, so that I can invest the funds with overseas partners
because in Syria the political turmoil appeared to be continued for a
long time. Honestly, I want to invest and make use of the money in your
country, as we all are aware that the crisis still continues in Syria
and I cannot also invest in Europe due to their double-tax regime.

I can assure you that the transaction is a hitch-free type. Please feel
free to contact me.

Let me stop here, hoping that you will respond promptly.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

Miss Nooda Turkmani. 
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