[Pkg-chromium-maint] sane chromium default flags - include --enable-remote-extensions

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Mon Feb 27 17:20:03 UTC 2017

Andrey Rahmatullin writes ("Re: sane chromium default flags - include --enable-remote-extensions"):
> [Ian Jackson:]
> > Can we not make the updates work for non-Debian-packaged extensions,
> > while disabling them for Debian-packaged ones ?
> > 
> > If we did that then there would no need to disable people's
> > extensions.
> I guess the real question is "why updating extensions was disabled
> in the first place". If chromium phones home only when non-packaged
> extensions are actually installed then it doesn't happen until the
> user installs them.

But is that actually true ?


I don't know what `background networking' is, precisely, in this
context, but it doesn't sound like something nice.

It still seems likely to me that the problem here is a code problem,
and that people who find the current behaviour unpleasant should try
to figure out how to make the code DTRT, rather than fighting over a
bad choice between different bad default configurations.

> I'm sure there are people who would forbid the
> users from doing that but...

This is a separate question.  Ideally, as I say, Chromium would not
access external repositori(es) for extensions unless they either
contain only Free Softare, or the user has enabled Debian control
(and, presumably, installed some chromium-nonfreeapp-store package, or

But certainly it should not phone home for extensions unless the user
explicitly asks to review or search for available extensions, or has
non-Debian-packages extensions installed.


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