[Pkg-chromium-maint] Bug#848895: Acknowledgement (Chromium freezes randomly)

Ximin Luo infinity0 at debian.org
Sat Jan 14 15:40:00 UTC 2017

Ximin Luo:
> Ximin Luo:
>> The problem seems to go away when I use --temp-profile. [..]
> I take this back, it freezes even when I use temp-profile.
> However, I managed to figure out a work-around. When chromium freezes, if you run
> $ pgrep -af gpu-process
> 3247 /usr/lib/chromium/chromium --type=gpu-process --enable-features=[..] --force-fieldtrials=[..] --disable-breakpad --supports-dual-gpus=false --gpu-driver-bug-workarounds=6,7,21,26,65
> then kill this process (`kill 3247`), the frozen tab will die but the other tabs will start working again.
> I am using the nouveau graphics driver.
> Could the other two bug reporters (Michael and Christian, CC'd) please confirm this?

A shorter workaround:

$ pkill -f 'chromium --type=gpu-process'

This particular meaning for the -f flag possibly requires an up-to-date version of procps. I am using 2:3.3.12-3.


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