[Pkg-chromium-maint] Bug#851927: chromium: Update removed all (local) installed extensions

C. Jeanneret debian-bugs at tengu.ch
Fri Jan 20 08:21:50 UTC 2017


In fact, this is related to #851692, which is in turn related to an
older bug, #841401

The script isn't tested apparently, and, while the quote issue (#851634)
is now corrected, the extensions part is a real m**s.

The right way to let user decide if they want or not "remote extensions"
(please, define "remote extensions" when they are in my profile
directory, locally installed…) would be to add a flag in

Apparently, the user *has to* manually pass --enable-remote-extensions
at each chromium startup, and that, really, is the contrary of
"userfriendliness", especially when we start it from a quick launcher
(like, mod4+r "chromi<tab><enter>" in awesome) — not to mention when it
just doesn't work at all…

More over, this kind of move from the maintainer is bad, for many
reason: unless we carefully read the changelog.debian.gz file, there is
no way to understand "why aren't my extensions loaded, why do I get so
many ads on those website" and other questions.
End-users will go to their support (friend, corporate support) and ask
tons of questions, and in the end a manual action will be required, with
great loss of time in the end.

So… For now, I keep editing the /usr/bin/chromium script in order to
drop the three involved lines (L87-89), but as any update override it, I
let you imagine how convenient it is.

I'll try to provide a working patch (with some tests in order to be able
to prove it actually *works*) over the weekend, if this serious issue
isn't solved in the meantime.



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