[Pkg-chromium-maint] Bug#851927: Raise severity?

Alberto Bertogli albertito at blitiri.com.ar
Mon Mar 13 22:33:09 UTC 2017


So now that testing is frozen in preparation for the upcoming release,
the behaviour users of the next Debian stable will be:

 - Cannot install extensions from the standard store (as they do in all
   other platforms).
 - Extensions they already have will stop working.
 - They won't be able to use Debian's package manager to install
   extensions either, as there is only a single one available.

While a workaround exists (editing a file in /etc), I think it's not
practical to expect users of a web browser know how to do it.

This situation seems quite unfortunate and I think will, in practice,
end up affecting a lot of users, specially the non-technical ones.

Can you consider raising the priority of this issue to serious/critical,
and allowing extensions by default again?


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