[Pkg-chromium-maint] Bug#877391: Please add apparmor profile

Daniel Richard G. skunk at iSKUNK.ORG
Sun Oct 1 20:09:16 UTC 2017

Hi Guido,

On Sun, 2017 Oct  1 12:28+0200, Guido Günther wrote:
> Package: chromium
> Version: 61.0.3163.100-2
> Severity: wishlist
> Tags: patch
> Hi,
> I'd be great if Debian would ship an apparmor profile for chromium. The
> attached profile was mostly prepared by Daniel Richard and is based on
> the one in Ubuntu so I assume it has seen quiet some exposure to real
> world usage. It works here nicely here. I'm sure there will be tweaks
> needed over time so feel free to cc' me and Richard on apparmor related
> issues. If this shouldn't work out we can always disable it again.

I had a look at your additions to the profile. Some comments:

* As mentioned in the earlier bug report, we should add the abstractions
  file to Debian as well (though not necessarily the same file as Ubuntu
  has). I'd like to move the aliases into an include file, eventually,
  and that one would probably make the most sense.

* This line gave me pause:

    + @{PROC}/@{pid}/task/@{tid}/status rw,

  I've seen denials from the lack of this line, but have hesitated to
  add this. I'm quite suspicious of Chromium wanting write access to
  this proc file of unrelated processes, and would want more information
  as to why this is needed before allowing this.

  (@{pid} and @{tid} will one day represent actual kernel variables, but
  for now they remain basically equivalent to "[0-9]*".)

  I've found no issues with this access being denied, and would have in
  fact added this line with a "deny" qualifier if that didn't also
  disallow such access to Chromium's own processes.

* The new lines for "tr" and "head": As much as possible, I try to keep
  lists of similar items in alphabetical order, because it's more work
  to maintain lists when there isn't a well-defined ordering.

* The rest looks reasonable, the sort of AppArmor footprint increment
  that Chromium usually follows.


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